1kv~10kv Puncture Ground Clip

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1. The puncture method is adopted to ensure the advantageous operation of the wire. 2. Ensure that the direction of puncture is consistent with the direction of force to ensure the effective use of the clamp.

2. Safe to use:

Anti-distortion, shockproof, waterproof, anti-electrochemical, anti-corrosion and aging.

3. The cost performance is higher than the traditional connection method.


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1. Easy to install:

The cable branch can be made without stripping the cable insulation layer or cutting off the main cable, and the joints are completely waterproof and sealed and insulated.

It can work with electricity and branch at any position of the cable. Only a socket wrench is required for installation.
2. Self-sealing structure, moisture-proof, waterproof and anti-corrosion, prolong the service life of insulated wires and clamps

3. Using special contact blade, suitable for copper (aluminum) butt joint and copper-aluminum transition

4. The electrical contact resistance is small, the contact resistance is less than the equal-length branch, and the wire resistance is 1.1 times, in line with the DL/T765.1-2001 standard

5. Special insulating shell, anti-light and environmental aging, dielectric strength>12KV

6. Curved surface design, suitable for the same (different) diameter wire connection, wide connection range (0.7-400 square)

Applied Voltage
适用导线 Applicable Conductor Range 螺栓数
Bolt Number
Main Line Section (mm°)
Branch Line Section (mm)
LP120F 1kV 16-120 接地 1
LP150F 50-150 1
LP6F 120-240 1
LP240F 50-240 2
LPF10-240/150 JJCF10-1 10kV 150-240 2
LPF10-185/70 JJCF10-2 70-185 2
LPF10-95/25 JJCF10-3 25-95 2

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