To supply SMC Single Phase Electrical Meter Box With Circuit Breaker

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PG series adjustable residual current circuit  breaker(gardy rccb,gardy elcb)is suitable for AC 50/60Hz,230/400V circuit,prevents from overloading,short-circuit etc.On the occasion of shock hazard or earth leakage,it will trip immediately.At the same time,the rated current of overload protection can be adjustable.

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They can be equipped with:
Doors with lockable reading lights, circuit breaker access doors.
From or with circuit breaker protection:
-Single phase 2×10 / 30a, 2×30 / 60A, 2x90a,
-Three phase 4×10 / 30a, 4×30 / 60A, 4x100a.
SMC material meter box, can install prepaid meter box and French circuit breaker, with 22 * 58 fuse base, can be hung on the wall or pole. It can be used both outdoors and indoors.

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Alimentation d ‘ immeubles
Panneau de comptage
Coupe-circuit et bases unipolaires
Coffret coupe-circuit de branchement
Grille , coffret et socle de réseaux souterrains BT
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Coffret de contrôle et commande
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Instrument and bipolar circuit breaker Kit
N° Name features Suggested features
1 theme Glass fiber reinforced polyester En polyester renforcé par fibres de verres
2 On / off A vertical triangle A triangle plombable
3 Input / output With gland, 4 inlet / outlet, section 70 mm² Avec presse étoupe, 4 entrées/sortie sections 70 mm²
4 Protection index IP54 IP54
5 Mechanical shock protection IK10 IK10
6 enclosure
For fixing instruments and circuit breakers Pour la fixation du compteur et disjoncteur
7 Fastener system There are two notches on the non working surface of the box, which are fixed with stainless steel screws A deux encoches sur face non ouvrable du coffret pour fixation par des vis en acier inoxydable

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