3p 4p 16~1250A Adjustable MCCB/moulded case circuit breaker

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We are a large scale manufacturer of low voltage electric appliance, cable accessory, electric accessory.


JVM2 Breaker are suitable in AC 50Hz, 250/440V circuit with overload and earth leakage protection. The rated current is adjustable from 25A up to 1600A. User can select suitable current to better protection against overload and short circuit. The products comply with NFC 61450.

Rated insuiating voltage : 750v

Rated operating voltage : 690 and below

Ultimate short breaking capacity : 25KA~150KA

Servies short circuit breaking capacity : 25KA~150KA



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JVM2X series plastic case circuit breaker is one of the new circuit breakers developed by our company using international advanced technology. Its rated insulation voltage is 750V, suitable for AC 50Hz or 60Hz, rated working voltage of 690V and below, and rated working current of 12.5A to 630A. It is used to distribute electric energy, and it is not frequently closed and disconnected under normal conditions. It is used as a protection when the circuit and equipment are overloaded and under-voltage. Circuit breakers with rated frame currents of 400A and below can also be used for infrequent starting of squirrel-cage motors, disconnection during operation, and protection when the motor is overloaded, short-circuited, and under-voltage. The product complies with the IEC60947-2 standard.6e7ba6eefada54770ccc942e1302b6a 9efe913723d902f88e47a96e0eb8e99

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