CJX2-D(LC1-D) Series Ac Contactor

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CJX2-D series AC contactor is suitable for using in the circuits up to the rated voltage 660V AC 50Hz kr 60Hz,rated current up to 660A, for making,breaking,frequently starting & controlling the AC motor. combined with the auxiliary contact block, timer delay & machine-interlicking device etc,it becomes the delay contactor,mechanical interlocking contactor,star-edlta starter.with the thermal relay,it is combined into the electromagnetic starter


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The AC contactor uses the main contact to control the circuit, and the auxiliary contact to conduct the control loop.
The main contact is generally a normally open contact, and the auxiliary contact often has two pairs of normally open contacts and a normally closed contact. Small contactors are often used as intermediate relays to cooperate with the main circuit.
The contacts of the AC contactor are made of silver-tungsten alloy, which has good electrical conductivity and high temperature ablation resistance.
The power of the AC contactor's action comes from the magnetic field generated by the AC passing through a coil with an iron core. The electromagnet core is composed of two "hill" shaped young silicon steel sheets. One of the fixed iron cores is covered with a coil. The working voltage can be varied. select. In order to stabilize the magnetic force, a short-circuit ring is added to the suction surface of the iron core. The AC contactor relies on spring to reset after power failure.



Payment method: 30% TT deposit, 70% TT balance paid before shipment
Other payment terms such as letter of credit can be contacted with customer service.
Order production starts after receiving the deposit, and the completion time is determined according to the order quantity.
International regular packaging, support palletized transportation
The minimum order quantity shall not be less than 1000PCS
Support Ningbo port sea transportation or Shanghai air transportation
Provide customization, can customize products according to customer requirements
Samples can be provided, no more than 3 samples of each specification, and sample fees and shipping costs need to be paid
Quality assurance can provide one-year after-sales service
The place of origin is Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
The material made of the product is flame-retardant

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