DZM0(PKZM0) 0.1A to 25A Motor Protective Circuit Breaker

Short Description:


DZM0(PKZM0) Motor Protective Circuit Breaker is applicable for the circuit of AC 50/60Hz, rated insulation voltage 750V, reted operating voltage up to 660V, rated operating current from 0.1A to 25A. It is used for protecting the motor against overload,short-circuit and phase- failure,lt can be also used for starting and breaking the stater of motor and for the circuit protection in the circuit of 25A.

Product Detail

Product Tags

·Compact design

. Screw or DIN rail mounting

· Standard breaking capacity

· Thermal and electromagnetic trip

. Rated operational current up to 25A Switching capacity 150/50KA/145V

. Short-circuit release, fixed setting to 14X lu . Single-phasing sensitive

·With screws or spring loaded terminals ·Comply with IEC/EN6.0947





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