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The function of the fuse is to protect the current. The fuse is composed of a melt and a fuse tube, which are connected in series as a metal conductor in the circuit. When the current exceeds a certain value, the fuse will generate heat to melt the melt, thereby breaking the current and achieving the protection effect. Fuses are widely used in various electrical and electrical equipment due to their simple structure and convenient use.

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An electrical appliance that uses a metal conductor as a melt to be connected in series in a circuit. When an overload or short-circuit current passes through the melt, it fuses due to its own heat, thereby breaking the circuit. The fuse is simple in structure and easy to use. It is widely used as a protection device in power systems, various electrical equipment and household appliances.

Payment method: 30% TT deposit, 70% TT balance paid before shipment
Other payment terms such as letter of credit can be contacted with customer service.
Order production starts after receiving the deposit, and the completion time is determined according to the order quantity.
International regular packaging, support palletized transportation
The minimum order quantity shall not be less than 1000PCS
Support Ningbo port sea transportation or Shanghai air transportation
Provide customization, can customize products according to customer requirements
Samples can be provided, no more than 3 samples of each specification, and sample fees and shipping costs need to be paid
Quality assurance can provide one-year after-sales service
The place of origin is Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
The material made of the product is flame-retardant

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