JVM 5 (EZC) type case circuit breaker

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JVM5MCCB is a simple and unlimited solution that can meet all low-voltage protection needs.

The circuit breaker has a compact structure and reliable quality, which greatly improves the high segmentation capability. It can be seen from the design that the riveting material in the operating mechanism must be matched according to the actual product in the design; each part must not only have a precise calculation of the size, but also consider the mutual cooperation between them, in order to make the assembled whole Meet the calibration standards. It can be understood from the calibration analysis that the instantaneous action characteristics in the electromagnetic system are closely related to the operating mechanism. After the calibration parameter values are obtained through theoretical research, strict test verification is required to meet the product standards; the extension of the calibration electric heating system The time trip value also needs to be obtained based on the combination of the calculated value and the actual value.

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