JVM1(CM1) Series Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

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CM1 Moulded case circuit breaker is suitable for wires with AC 50Hz (or 60Hz), rated working voltage of 660V(690V) and below, DC 250V and below, rated current of 16A-1250A, to distribute electrical energy, and to work as un-frequent switch-on and switch-off under normal conditions, and carry out overload protection, short circuit protection and owe-voltage protection in wires and equipments.

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 *Characteristics:compact size,high breaking ability,short arcing-over distance,some of the “0″arcing-over distance,shakeproof.

*Be able to bear the influence of moisture in the air or salt fog and oil fog or mould or nuclear industry environment.

*Be working reliably under the condition of normal vibration on ship.

*Be working reliably when the earthquake(4g) occuring.

*The gradient≤±22.5°.

*The place would not be invaded by rain and snow.


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