Miniature Circuit Breaker

Short Description:

1. Application: For protecting cables and equipments against overload and short circuit.
2. GeneraI ruIes for chooSing MCB.
a. Technical data ofthe network at the point considered:
The ea rthing systems, short-circuit current at the circuit breaker installation point.whichmust always be Iess than the breaking capacity ofthis device, network normaI voltage.
b. There are 3 curye characte ristics for magnetic operation:
B cu rve(3-5 In)protection and control of the ci rcuits against length cables in TN and IT systems.
C curve(5-10 In)protection and control ofthe ci rcuits against ove rloads and short-ci rcuits;
protection for resistive and inductive Ioads with Iow inrush current.
D cu rve(10-14 In)protection and control ofthe circuits against overloads and short. circuits;
Protection for circuits which supply loads with high in rush current at the circuit closing
(LV/LV transformers,breakdown Iamps).

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