MS116 Motorstarter Series

Short Description:

The motor starter is a device used to assist the motor to start, so that the motor starts smoothly, has a small impact on the power grid, and can also realize the soft parking, braking, overload and phase loss protection of the motor. Motor starters are mainly used in large motors and asynchronous motors.

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MODEL:MS 116 - 6.3


Maximum set value of thermal protection


Rated current,triplevel and breaking capacity 116-32A.class 10A(10/16/30/50kA)

132-32A.class 10(25/50/100kA)

450-50A. class 10 (50kA)

451-50A. class 20 (50kA)

495-100A. class 10 (50kA)

496-100A. class20 (100kA)

497-100A. class 10 (100kA)


Thermal magnetic trip

Trip Diagram




Working principle:
The distance between the plates ensures that the liquid resistance value always meets the requirements of the motor's mechanical characteristics for the series resistance value during the starting process, so that the motor can obtain the maximum starting torque and minimum starting current, and then start smoothly. The specific working process is: when the main motor starts, the moving pole plate is slowly moved under the drive of a low-power transmission mechanism system, and the distance between the two pole plates is changed, so that the resistance value of the liquid connected to the rotor circuit meets the above conditions. The speed increases. When the distance between the two pole plates is the smallest, the motor speed reaches the rated speed, and the liquid resistance is short-circuited to complete the starting process and enter the running state.

Payment method: 30% TT deposit, 70% TT balance paid before shipment
Other payment terms such as letter of credit can be contacted with customer service.
Order production starts after receiving the deposit, and the completion time is determined according to the order quantity.
International regular packaging, support palletized transportation
The minimum order quantity shall not be less than 1000PCS
Support Ningbo port sea transportation or Shanghai air transportation
Provide customization, can customize products according to customer requirements
Samples can be provided, no more than 3 samples of each specification, and sample fees and shipping costs need to be paid
Quality assurance can provide one-year after-sales service
The place of origin is Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
The material made of the product is flame-retardant

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