Sustainable development is a challenge but also an opportunity

According to the data, the Global Footprint Network publishes the Earth’s Ecological Overload Day every year. From this day, human beings have used up the total renewable natural resources of the Earth in that year and entered an ecological deficit. The "Earth Ecological Overload Day" in 2020 is August 22, which is more than three weeks later than last year. However, this is due to the fact that the ecological footprint of human beings has decreased compared with the same period last year due to the impact of the epidemic, and does not mean that climate change is affected. The situation improves.

As a consumer of energy, a producer of products and services, and a leader in technological innovation, enterprises are duty-bound to promote sustainable development and are one of the core promoters of sustainable development. According to the "Survey Report on the Practice of the Sustainable Development Goals of Chinese Enterprises" issued by the United Nations Development Program, about 89% of Chinese enterprises understand the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and realize that a sustainable development model can not only increase the value of their company's brand, but also It can also bring about positive social, economic and environmental impacts.

At present, sustainable development has become one of the strategic priorities of many leading global companies. "Environmentally friendly", "inclusive growth", and "social responsibility" are becoming the core content of these corporate values ​​and business missions, which are reflected in annual reports or special reports to enhance corporate influence and brand value.

For companies, sustainable development is not only a challenge, but also a business opportunity. The United Nations report pointed out that by 2030, the global economic growth driven by SDG will reach 12 trillion US dollars. Aligning with the SDG at the strategic level will bring many benefits to the company, such as improving efficiency, increasing employee retention, boosting brand influence, and enhancing the company's risk management capabilities.

"In addition to economic benefits, companies can gain recognition from the government, employees, the public, consumers, and partners when they practice sustainable development, making it easier to grow. This will in turn encourage companies to participate more in sustainable development and begin to be active. Take action to form a positive cycle.".

Post time: Jul-02-2021