single phase motor starter 1P/2P/3P 230V/430V Adjustable current

Short Description:


•Can be used in homes, offices, buildings and industries

•Overload protection

•Short circuit protection




Product Detail

Product Tags

1 . Reliable protection in case of thermal overload and short circuit
2 . Suitable for installation incompact distribution boxes
3 . Contact position indicator red-green
4 . Main field of application : switching and protection of three-phase ACmotors with power ratings up to 15kW ( 380 / 400V ) and other consumers up to 40A
5 . Also suitable as main switch , isolating characteristics according tolEC / EN 60947
6 . All manual motor starters with thermal overload tripping and magnetic short circuit tripping
7 . Terminals and accessories compatible with CLS 6 , Z-A 40 , PFIM etc .

JVM 10 Series miniature circuit breaker is applicable to a line of AC 50 / 60Hz , rated voltage 23 / 400V and rated current up to 63A , used for overload and short circuit protection . It can also be used for infrequent line conversion under the normal condition . The breaker is applicable to industrial enterprise , commercially district , high-rise building and dwelling house . It conforms with the standards of IEC 60898 .

Protective Devices

Manual Motor Starters Z-MS
•Reliable protection in case of thermal overload and short circuit
•Suitable for installation in compact distribution boxes
•Contact position indicator red-green
•Also suitable as main switch, isolating characteristics according to
IEC/EN 60947
•All manual motor starters with thermal overload tripping and magnetic
short-circuit tripping
•Terminals and accessories compatible with CLS 6, Z-A 40, PFI Metc.

Technical Data
GeneralTerminal capacity 1-25mm2
Busbar thickness 0.8-2mm
Mechanical endurance 20.000 operating cycles
Shock resistance(shock duration 20ms) 20g
Ambient temperature open -25…+50°C
hermetically enclosed -25…+40°℃
Resistance to climatic conditions
-humidity and heat, constant, according to IEC 68-2-3
-humidity and heat, periodical, according to IEC 68-2-30
Weight approx. 244/366g
Degree of protection IP20

Main Current Paths
Rated insulation voltage Ui 440V
Rated peak withstand voltage Uimp 4kV
Rated short circuit breaking capacity Iq 10kA
Thermal current I thmax=l emax 40A
Electrical endurance AC3 at Ie 6000 operating cycles
Motor switching capacity AC 3 400(415)V
Power loss per contact 2.3W(1.6-10A);3.3W(16A);4.5W(25-40A)

Auxiliary switch Z-A HK/Z-NHK
Rated insulation voltage Ui 440V
Thermal current Ith 8A
Rated operationa le 250V 6A
AC13 440V 2A
Max.back-up fuse for short-circuit protection 4A(gL, gG) CLS 6-4/B-HS
Terminal capacity (1or 2 conductors) 0,75…2.5mm²

Moisture-Proof Enclosure 4MUIP 54, Z-MFG
Reliable power loss of incorporated devices 17W(e.gZ-MS-40/3+Z-USA/230)

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